Los Angeles County Building and Safety Permits (New Buildings Only)

Business Problem Contractors in Los Angeles County have historically relied on referral systems or databases to fill the gap between sourcing suitable projects from a wide variety of residential and commercial listings.

Data Management in SQL

Databases .

U.S. Commercial Nuclear Reactors - Status (Updated Daily)

Providing context from a visual perspective to the fact that the Department of Energy has spent more than $400 million since 2014 to hasten the development of the small modular reactors, or SMRs” (Associated Press, 2020) is the goal of this project.

Supervised Learning Techniques in R

Part One Building A Model In this part of the project, you will focus on building a model to understand who might make a good product technician if hired using linear discriminate analysis logit and ordered logit modeling.

Neural Networks and Machine Learning in R

Instructions: In this project, you will:

Identifying Safer Pedestrian Routes in Los Angeles


Classifying Emotions in Tweets

Python - Jupyter Notebook This notebook implements a text mining sentiment analysis project.

Impacting the Business with a Distributed Data Science Pipeline

San Diego Street Conditions Classification Amazon SageMaker (AWS) Python - Jupyter Notebook \(\rightarrow\) click to view Abstract The city of San Diego has become reliant upon a streets Overall Condition Index (OCI) that was designed and implemented by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Litecoin Cryptocurrency Forecast – Variations on the Autoregressive Moving Average Model: A Time Series Analysis

R Programming - Appendix

In-Vehicle Marketing Engagement Optimization

Appendix [Python Code] - Pre-Processing

Predicting Cervical Cancer From Biopsy Results

R Programming - Appendix

DOD Sites in the U.S. and its Territories as Reported by the Army Corps. of Engineers

The following visualization was sourced from the Army Corps.

Predicting Student Performance in a Portuguese Secondary Institution

R Programming - Appendix

Walmart Sales Forecasting

Business Understanding Background Walmart is the world’s largest company by a 12-month trailing revenue of $542.

Real Estate Prices in Los Angeles County

Abstract Real-estate market dynamics in Los Angeles County affect the decision-making framework of all stakeholders involved in the buying or selling process.

COVID-19 California Data

The following visualization shows county by county numbers (quantity) of emergency service providers for COVID-19 related endeavors.

California Geothermal Wells

The following visualization shows county by county numbers (quantity) of Geothermal Wells in the State of CA.

Optimizing a Stock Portfolio in R

In R Studio, we will utilize a classic stock portfolio optimization approach to examine the following 4 ticker symbols, Tejon Ranch Company (TRC), Snapchat (SNAP), AI Powered Equity ETF (AIEQ), and 2U (TWOU).

Corporate Asset Management

The broad spectrum of assets that comprise the portfolios of Merrill Lynch clients necessitates an in-depth financial analysis so as to comprehend investor goals, successes, and most importantly, investor psyche.